Popular Children’s Designer Clothing Brands

It is no longer just adults that want a closet full of designer clothes but the kids want in on the action to. Often parents also feel that if they are going to wear designer clothes then their kids should be able to as well. It did not take fashion designers long to figure this all out and they have jumped on the bandwagon to cater to these children. When it comes to denim jeans designers like 7 for all Mankind, True Religion, Paige Denim, Rock & Republic, Paper Denim & Cloth, and Diesel have all designed some winning jeans for kids that are available at Nordstrom’s and Life Size.

Burberry, Little Marc, Juicy Couture, Tory Burch, J Crews Crew cuts, Dolce & Gabbana, and American Apparel have all jumped right aboard catering to the very same children of the parents who have already retained the customer relationship. A very popular TV series on VH1 called the The Famous Life of Celebrity Kids showed the kids sporting around in Crib Rock Couture, after all these are the clothes that famous couples like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s kids wear. If you are looking for the absolute coolest in socks, gloves, tights, flip flops, pajamas, and stuff like that the rocking place to head is to a store that carries designer brand Little Mismatched. They cater to both adults and kids but offer the funkiest in designs.

Glamajama is another hot topic for kids, babies, adults, and even pets. This line is available at Nordstrom’s and Barney’s and is sizzling as many of the Hollywood moms shop there too. The great things about these clothes are that they can not be found in most malls which are what makes them so unique and sought after. Less expensive designer brands such as Baby Phat, Roca Wear, Polo, and Apple Bottoms are more common designer brands that most are familiar with and are more readily available. These are designer brands that are available more so at your local malls but are still classified as designer brands.

If you were to walk through a typical American classroom you might find that exclusive designer brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Juicy Couture, True Religion and Seven for All Mankind are not the typical brands worn. It is much more likely that you would encounter such designer brands like Apple Bottoms and Nike. Many kids feel as if they have the ability to purchase these types of designer brand clothing that they will become more popular. Because of this designers have hit the kids market hard and some have even gone as far as to drop their prices so they can broaden their market.

Once the issue of middle school comes up you will find that clothes have a direct correlation with social status. You will likely find this target market draped in American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch and Aeropostale. Yet you will find the highest rankings in designer brands such as Chanel or Louis Vuitton.