Crew Neck Versus V-Neck T Shirts, Which Do You Prefer to Wear?

A simple t shirt has to be the most popular item in a man’s wardrobe, no matter what your personal style or fashion choices we all have one or two t shirts in our repotour. Why? Simple because the t shirt is a substantial part of balancing an outfit.

The best thing about t shirts is we do not need to consult our design consultant every time we want to look good. With so many colours, prints and styles to choose from even the most fashion adverse man can put on a t shirt add a pair of jeans and trainers and walk into any casual situation looking good and feeling confident. On the other hand do we underestimate the potential of this wardrobe classic?

The first place to start is to understand the different neck lines available and what benefits you can get when wearing each style. The most popular type of neck line has to be the crew neck or round neck as it is more commonly known. Well-liked as it looks good with prints and is useful for layering under shirts, cardigans, jumpers etc, what’s more the neck line conceals what lies beneath which offers a good solution for men who are conscious of their chest areas.

The v-neck has a whole different appeal with its cutting v shape that shows some of the chest area. Considered by most fashion experts as being a smarter version of the crew neck, the v-neck also creates a slimming illusion and elongates the neck line so for big men this is a great choice.

One way to tune your style further is to use layering, which if done well will really make your outfit stand out. A good practice of this is to ping colour into your look by taking a brightly coloured crew neck t shirt and adding over the top a dark coloured v-neck jumper in navies or plums. To complete the outfit, add a pair of stonewashed blue denim jeans and he presto you have a good look. Another example of layering is to add a shirt over a neutral coloured tee in either neckline. This will add depth to your outfit and in a similar way for a more formal look try adding a neutral coloured v-neck with a blazer and a pair of indigo jeans.

Over layering on the other hand adds bulk to an outfit which is especially good for skinny or tall men who need to add volume. Simply add two crew necks together one on top of the other to achieve this style. It is said that a neutral colour works best on the bottom layer but really any contrasting colours will work.

If all this layering technique’s scares the heebie jeebies out of you then don’t despair, simply remembering some straightforward advice will lift an otherwise lifeless outfit into one to wear with pride. Always be conscious of wearing plain black, black although slimming, on its own can drain the colour from your face and look drab and lifeless. By adding a print or changing black for navy will life your flesh tones and make you feel more confident. This is especially true in big mens clothing, where men of a bigger size should look away from the comfort of black tops with black bottoms and add something to the outfit to focus the eye away from the silhouette of the body to a particular design element such as a badge or print on the top.

Finally do not neglect the foot ware, simple is the key but keep them looking fresh and tidy, drab damaged worn shoes will bring the outfit down and ruin all your hard work.

Fashion starts with the basics and getting simple things right such as colour and necklines will allow you to experiment with your style. Don not be afraid to experiment with layering ideas and contrasting colours together. Confidence comes from the belief in your style and the benefits of getting the look right will make you feel great.