Men’s Winter Wardrobe – What Clothes to Wear to Remain Warm

When temperatures are dropping and the first snow flakes are starting to fall from the sky, you know it’s time to put on your warmest sweater. Not only do clothes need to protect us from cold, they also need to look good.

Not only do I want to stay warm, I also want to look good. So I always tell my friends to expand their wardrobe with a couple of men’s full zip sweatshirts that look fashionable. Most of them don’t know how to go about buying trendy, warm clothes. So here are a few guidelines.

1. Warm jacket. When it’s cold and you’re going to go outside, you absolutely need a jacket. No surprise there. Go with a woolen one, or maybe one made of down. That will keep you warm and cozy for sure. Make sure the jacket has a nice collar and buttons as well.

2. Suit. You probably already have one of these, but the odds are you bought it with the summer time in mind. There also exist woolen winter suits with a modern 3-button cut. These look extremely trendy. They work great in black, gray or navy colors.

3. Blazer. You are going to need something to wear over your casual shirts. A warm blazer or a sport jacket will definitely keep you warm. They look good and they are also very comfortable. You could also go for a snug vest. Hooded sweatshirts can also look good.

4. Layered sweater. When layering clothes to keep the cold out and the warmth in, you really can’t afford to be without a sweater. A long sleeve shirt that fits around your body can also work wonders. Make sure they aren’t too thick to prevent getting overheated.

5. Boots. The most important parts of your body that needs to be kept warm, are your feet. If the feet get cold, the rest of your body gets cold as well. It’s hard to find boots that keep you warm and make you look stylish at the same time I would recommend black or suede boots. Those look pretty good.

When you keep these pointers in mind for when it gets cold again and you are going on a shopping spree, you are sure to leave the stores looking fashionable. Looking good and staying warm don’t necessarily get in each other’s way. Quite the contrary is true. They can even complement each other!